Additional Videos about Crowdsourced Education

Sir Ken Robinson on Creativity and Changing Educational Paradigms

In a TED talk on creativity and changing educational paradigms, Sir Ken Robinson argues that education needs to change to a more personalized experience. The model of education inherited from a production line mentality (conformity in age, size, etc.) is not the right way to go. The habits of education need to change in order to enhance more creativity and collaboration and enable to be more personalized. 

TedTalk: Chris Anderson on How Web Video Powers Innovation

Chris Anderson, curator of the TED Conference, says the rise of web video is driving a worldwide phenomenon he calls “Crowd Accelerated Innovation”. He argues that this self-fueling cycle of learning could be as significant as the invention of print. But to tap into its power, organizations will need to embrace radical openness. In the education field in particular, schools cannot be silos, “we can stop learning age 21”. Through TED, everybody can learn from others. TED has the opportunity to become “the biggest learning cycle in history”.

Dear #edtech: Thoughts on Digital Equity

Justin Reich, from Harvard Graduate School of Education, would like to see equity in the use of technology. In particular in education, he is interested in seeing if free available and open educational resources will benefit disadvantages students and close the gap between low income and high income schools. Unfortunately, it is not evident and he argues we need to stay committed to social justice in order to make this happen. 

Students in Los Altos Talk about Their Experience with Khan Academy

Los Altos School District is an elementary school district serving students in grades kindergarten to eighth grade currently running a pilot with Khan Academy in order to improve instruction to meet the needs of all students in today’s rapidly changing global community. The pilot consists in using Khan Academy as a hybrid-learning model in a few math classes across the district (two 5th grade classes, and two 7th grade pre-algebra readiness classes) as a complement to our current math program. Los Altos School District argues it is a unique opportunity to explore 21st century learning with the students by leveraging technology to differentiate instruction to meet the individualized learning needs of all students. The below video provides student feedback on the experience of learning in class with Khan Academy. 

TedTalk: Richard Baranuik on Open Source Learning

TedTalk: Howard Rheingold on Collaboration

TedTalk: Clay Chirky on Institutions vs. Collaboration

TedTalk: Yochai Benkler on The New Open Source Economics

Film: Watch Us Now

OLPC: Mission

One Laptop Per Child‘s XO and Intel’s Classmate PC share a common mission: Bringing children access to education through computer ownership. Both programs distribute rugged, affordable laptops to schoolchildren across the developing world. The below video gives the answer to why give inexpensive laptops to child who might not have electricity or even running water?